UGGL Overview

Union Glory Gold Limited is a British Virgin Islands registered company which specializes in the acquisition, exploration and development of investment-grade mining resources. Chief among UGGL's mining assets include the Tudor Gold Project and the Addington Gold Project (both of which are located in Ontario, Canada), and the Schefferville Iron ore project in Quebec, Canada.

As the flagship project of UGGL, the Tudor Gold Mine sits atop a NI43-101 certified gold resource of 7.79 metric tonnes. UGGL is currently conducting the second phase of its exploration/drilling program in Tudor on professional advice that the region may turn up as much as 150-200 metric tonnes of gold mineral.

Exploration permit issued, and Environmental impact report drafted by the Ontario Ministry of Mines and Northern Development >>

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UGGL is set up by a team of highly qualified and diverse professionals, ranging from geologists, accountants to professional managers. The UGGL management is currently carrying out exploration/drilling on a number of mining projects in North America with a view to publicly listing UGGL in the near term (1-2 years).

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The Tudor Gold Project is located in the southern part of Ontario, Canada, to the North-East of the Tudor Township, 350 kilometers to the North-East of Toronto. Totaling approximately 1,150 hectares in surface area, the Tudor Project is accessible by road and completed with requisite infrastructure, priming the mine for full-scale gold production. Having recently completed the internationally recognized NI43-101 report, the Tudor Project boasts a certified gold resource of 7.79 metric tonnes, with the total prospective gold resource far exceeding 50 metric tonnes (per the conclusion of the NI43-101 report) in weight and $2 billion USD in value. The Tudor Project is fully owned by Union Glory Gold Limited

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